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Due to the


 in our city, we will be absent next week, from

Tuesday 5th to Saturday 9th September

. We will validate every day,

from 5 to 8 September

, all bets received until

13:00 hours

. Bets received after that time will be validated the following day.

On Saturday 9th

the website will be open until

20:00 hours.

All sections will be active, but pay special

attention to the dates of the draws

that the system will indicate when you make your plays. If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail and we will answer you as soon as possible. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience we may cause you and

thank you very much for trusting us with your luck.


Dear users We hope you are enjoying these sunny days with your friends and family. From Lotería Cervantes we want you to find out about the latest draws and news while you enjoy a refreshing drink in your hand so that you can play directly to win! The end of summer is near, but it's not all bad, since next month we have the


. This special draw is scheduled for

September 9th

and is worth


The draw will distribute a total of

105 million euros in prizes

, including fifteen grand prizes: a first prize of


per series, a second prize of

300,000 euros

per series, a third prize of

150,000 euros

per series or 12 prizes of

75,000 euros

per series. Start September in a big way with this raffle! You can get your tenths on our website or window, as well as play

Euromillions, La Primitiva, Bonoloto, El Gordo

, among others, without expenses or commissions. Dear users


has already arrived at

Lotería Cervantes

! We received the tickets for the

2023 Christmas draw

a week ago and we have been preparing the numbers reserved for our subscribers. Once this has been done we have been able to put the numbers on sale. You can already see our tickets on our website and choose your favourite numbers for the most awaited draw of the year, we have many different numbers, so don't miss out, the


could be among them! And remember! You can buy

Euromillions, Bonoloto, La Primitiva, El Gordo and Loteria de Navidad

, among other games, at the counter and on the web with

no fees or commissions.

Dear users Did you know that lottery number endings have names? It is said that the origin of this goes back to when the sellers used to shout out the numbers they were selling in the street. In this way, all numbers between

00 and 99

had a nickname associated with them that everyone knew. As the

2023 Christmas Lottery

will soon be on sale, I think it would be a good idea to review these numbers and their nicknames so that you won't be surprised if you hear someone asking for "la niña bonita" or "la muerte". 00- Death 25- The canon 50- the cartridge 75- The cat 01- The gallant 26- The chicken 51- The goat 76- The water 02- The sun 27- The bow tie 52- The tomato 77- The flags 03- The boy 28- Alicante/ The plane 53- The pepper 78- The bumblebee 04- The bed 29- Aragón/The trip 54- The cholera 79- The pig 05- The spine 30- The lion 55- The Galician 80- The washing woman 06- The heart 31- The horse 56- The lettuce 81- The marriage 07- The moon 32- The bomb 57- The carrot 82- The potty 08- The lady 33- The tower 58- The lemon 83- The lady and the child 09- The harp 34- The duck 59- The canary 84- The wedding 10- The rose 35- The hell 60- The old woman/the grandma 85- The palm 11- The carnation/ the dice 36- The room 61- The pipe 86- The shit 12- the sack 37- the sword/the dagger 62- The lice 87- The fish 13- Saint Anthony/The green 38- The dog 63- The rice/ the onion 88- The pumpkins 14- The cherries 39- The bull 64- The house 89- he buffa/ the mule 15- The pretty girl 40- The bell 65- The fight 90- The grandpa 16- The Virgin of Carmen/ The guitar 41- The black (m.) 66- The nuns 91- The drunk  17- The ship 42- The star 67-The friar 92- The pigeon 18- The corsage 43- The crown 68- The rosary 93- The revolution 19- Saint Joseph 44- The scapular 69- The move 94- The rat 20-Spain/The money 45- The drumb 70- The apricot 95- The turckey 21- France/The orange 46- The hat 71- The vervain 96- The park 22- The ducks 47- The world 72- The table 97- The chicken 23- The melon 48- The black (f.) 73- The rabbit 98- The sheep 24- The gallery 49- The fig 74- The stairs 99- the snails/ the agony Now that you have seen the nickname of each termination you can start practising to choose your favourites and get your lottery tickets. You can also buy

Euromillions, Bonoloto, La Primitiva, El Gordo

, among other games

without fees or commissions.

Dear users Last week I told you that we have the Sorteo Extraordinario de Vacaciones on the 1st of July and that it gives out 20 million to a tenth of a million. Crazy! But it is not the only special draw that month, because the following week, on the

8th of July

, we have the

Extraordinary July Draw

. As you know, every month there is a special €15 draw, and although the draw on 1 July has a special prize of a series and a fraction, this draw does not. But that doesn't mean it's not an opportunity to win great prizes. The draw will distribute a total of

105 million euros in prizes

, including fifteen big prizes: a

first prize


1,500,000 euros

per draw, a

second prize


300,000 euros

per draw, a

third prize


150,000 euros

per draw and

12 prizes


75,000 euros

per draw. July is going to come in with a bang with the Lotería Nacional draws, so don't miss this opportunity! You can buy your tickets on our website or at the counter, as well as play

Euromillions, La Primitiva, Bonoloto, El Gordo, among others with no fees or commissions.

Dear users Thursday's Lotería Nacional draws will be dedicated to the

authors of the Generation of 27

. This collection of tickets will

begin with the 6th July draw

and will be maintained in the consecutive draws until the

31st August.

In addition, we are going to have albums that will allow whoever wishes to collect these tickets with the authors who marked an unforgettable period in our country. Loterías y Apuesta hopes that this initiative will be very well received, as it seeks to strengthen the close link between Loterías y Apuesta and the culture of our country, because, as we have already seen in past collections such as with the Generation of '98 or the illuminated manuscripts of the National Library, you and our collectors in our country have liked it very much. The order of authors and dates in order to complete the collection is as follows: Federico García Lorca July 6th  Rafael Alberti July 13th Vicente Aleixandre July 20th Dámaso Alonso July 27th Luis Cernuda August 3rd Gerardo Diego August 10th Miguel Hernández August 17th Jorge Guillén August 24th Manuel Altolaguirre August 31st Don't think twice and start your collection, order your album at the counter and start winning!   Also, remember that you can

buy Euromillions, Primitiva, Bonoloto, Loteria Nacional

and much more in our website

without any commission or additional costs

, don't gamble with the lottery and play with us!   Dear users


is already available and we want you to be ready to get it! And as you know, and if not we already explained it here, every year at the beginning of July we celebrate the

Extraordinary Holiday Draw

! This year this draw will be held on the

1st of July

and will give out

€20,000,000 to a tenth

!!! A perfect date, as on that day we will have the whole summer ahead of us and what better way to enjoy one of the best and most fun times of the year than with the fortune of having your winning lottery ticket. We already have our tickets available so that you can choose your favourite numbers both over the counter and on our website.

Without any commission or extra costs.

Play the Sorteo Extraordinario de Verano and make your summer a great one! Dear users As we have been announcing, THIS WEEK WE HAVE


! We would like to remind you that the minimum guaranteed jackpot is

130 millions

! Through our website you can buy your bets by selecting the date of the draw:


. If no player wins the jackpot, it will be accumulated draw by draw, reaching up to

240 millions

. We want to give you several options to play and, therefore, we have been opening


so that you can play many more combinations for less money. Also, in our previous posts you can take a look at the post we dedicated to the

numbers that statistically have come up the most in the history of EUROMILLIONS

: And as our intention is to make your life easier and that you know what to do if you have the Goddess of Fortune knocking at your door, you can check again the tips we give you if you are the winner of this or any other of the jackpots that are in play: You know, you have no excuses! You can

buy EUROMILLIONS online at no extra cost

through our website or our APP, and from

Saturday 27th May

you can also buy them over the counter. Dear users We have an extraordinary raffle coming up! On the

3rd of June

, we have the


. This draw is already a tradition of Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, since it has been held since 1924. With this draw, in which

Loterías collaborates with the Cruz Roja

, the aim is to protect people, especially the most vulnerable groups, such as accompanying our elderly, families or women victims of gender violence, disabled people and a long etcetera. This collaboration has made it possible to protect some 922,000 people since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, as the maxim is to leave no one behind. The draw will distribute a total of

105 million euros in prizes

, including fifteen grand prizes: a

first prize


1,500,000 euros

per draw, a

second prize


300,000 euros

per draw, a

third prize


150,000 euros

per draw and

12 prizes


75,000 euros

per draw. Don't miss the opportunity to collaborate and keep looking for luck with us! You can buy your tickets through our website or at the ticket office.
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