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May 29 2020
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National Lottery
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Sorteo del jueves 02/07/2020
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Thursday, July 2, 2020
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 in LoteriaCervantes.com is as simple as searching your number on screen and enter the number of tickets you want to buy. We are Official Administration for Lottery and Betting and we have the infrastructure to guard, without any cost , your tickets. We will send immediately an email with numbers, fractions and series you play. If you wish, you can also receive your order at your home.

Our system automatically scrutinizes all the tickets in deposit check all numbers, including terminations, hundreds and approaches of all Draws National Lottery , including Christmas 2018 Draw . If any of your tenths gets a prize we refund the full amount at once in your virtual account and will notify you by email of the prize that you have won.

Try your luck with the next Lottery Draw. Undoubtedly one of the most popular games in Spanish lotteries.

These are the most important prizes given until now:

17/04/82: € 60,000 per set in No. 04465
10/07/82: € 150,000 per set in No. 02243
12/03/83: € 30,000 per set in No. 04684
23/11/85: € 48,000 per set in No. 98820
16/05/92: € 60,000 per set in No. 32160
Christmas - 22/12/94: € 43,270 per set in No. 30830
CHILD - 05/01/98: € 180,000 per set in No. 46036

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