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August 07 2020
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It is not necessary, but is highly recommended.

Make sure all information is correct since if any big prize we must verify your identity.

How to Bet on Spanish Online games?

As simple as adding your bets to cart

All orders can be paid with the balance of your virtual account (available when adding credit and/or getting prizes), credit card and bank transfer without fees or expenses of any kind. You will always bet at Face Value.

Buy Spanish National Lottery, Spanish Christmas Lottery, Spanish El Niño Lottery

In the section of the National Lottery, select a draw and the amount of lottery numbers to add to your shopping cart.

Play EuroMillions, Primitiva, Bonoloto, Gordo de la Primitiva, Quiniela and Quinigol

Access a game and make your bets by checking the numbers on the electronic ticket. This ticket also gives you access to advanced features such as quick play, subscriptions, optimized bets and  statistics.

Press the Confirm button when finished, and add your bets to the shopping cart.

Buy Stakes of our Great Betting Groups

In our section Betting Groups we offer stakes. Each rock plays multiple  and optimized bets for one or more games, which increases the chances of prize at a lower cost.

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You can add as many items as you want and remove them from the cart at any time.

Afterwards you will be asked to indicate how you wish to pay your order, (such your credit balance of your user account, credit card or bank transfer), and what you want to do with your order (get it at home (only for lottery tickets), or leave on deposit at our office (avoiding shipping costs).

Finally, if you are not registered, you will be asked for your personal and contact data, so we can send your order, communicate you the results, etc.

Business hours for confirmations (GMT+1)

The closing time of reception of bets is until 8 p.m. hours from Monday to Saturday. All received orders will be validated uninterruptedly during the day.  You will be able to purchase bets of El Gordo de la Primitiva until 7p.m.

ATTENTION: On Saturday afternoons and Sundays we do not update bank income, if you want to buy and do not have a balance in your bag, you must use your credit card.

 When  placing bets the system indicates the dates of the draws in which you  will participate, please pay special attention to these dates.

All that is received after 20.00 hours each day will be validated for the draw immediately after.

CONFIRMATIONS:  Once the bets have been validated, you will receive an e-mail  confirming the validation, if this e-mail does not receive it before the  draw or you have any doubts upon receiving it, you should contact us  urgently.

Payment Methods

We currently have four available payment methods ; user account credit, credit card, bank transfer and iupay. Whether you pay with your virtual account credit balance, iupay or with credit/debit card,  payments are immediately processed, so our system confirms the order after payment success and your order will move to next stage, the validation process.

If payment is done by bank transfer, you should be aware that until we receive the income in our bank, we will not validate your order. Your payment should arrive before closing times. When your bets contains National Lottery or Group Play stakes, that are stock limitted, we recommend you to advise us to reserve your tickets or stakes before they run out.

Attention!, On Saturday afternoons and on Sundays, we do not update the bank income.

Secure E-Commerce

LoteriaCervantes.com uses a Internet authentication certificate that allow users to create a secure encrypted connection via the SSL encryption protocol. From the moment of connection all data are protected so other people can not watch/access them from the Internet.


In any case LoteriaCervantes.com never will access or store any customer credit card or bank information. All payment details are handled directly between the customer and the bank through CES platform (Electronic Secure Purchase platform) operating under international protocols Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, which provides high security and protection to online payments.


LoteriaCervantes.com does not have access, at any time, to data of credit cards from their customers. All operations are performed from secure payment gateways.


When a payment is made with a foreign card, the payment gateway is contacted with the target bank to authenticate the transaction, thus, only the owner of the card can operate our business card.


If you can not operate your card on Online payments, contact your bank or visit the website in order to authorize the use of your card in Secure E-Commerce. This process is free and takes only a few minutes. From this point you can use your card to purchase online with full security guarantees.

Purchase conditions of our Internet Lotteries

The buyer undertakes to pay the advance payment. The Bank transfer reception entails the order confirmation. You can also pay with debit/credit car. This payment is instant, so your order is activated at the same time of payment so that the validation of your bets is much faster. We always confirm by email your bets, obtained prizes/refunds and custody of your purchases.

All tickets will remain on deposit, without any cost to the user. Shipping costs, if any, of the Spanish National Lottery tickets, will be paid by the buyer. Shipping to Spain will be 10 Euros and the delivery time of 24/48 hours from receipt of payment. No international shipping will be done so, in this case, you must deposit the tickets in our Administration without charge. Once validated your bets no returns will be accepted.

In case of Spanish National Lottery for Thursday and Saturday, bank transfers must be effective 24 hours before the draw date, otherwise, the order will be canceled. In case of active games, transfers could be made even on the day of the draw if the payment is confirmed.

On Spanish Christmas Lottery and El Niño, transfers will have to be effective 10 days before the draw date to proceed to its shipment. We do not send Lottery outside of Spain.

Tickets go on sale one month before the draw date, the Spanish Christmas Lottery five months before and the Extraordinary Draw of El Niño two months before.

When ordering, you accept all these conditions. The rules are governed by Spanish law. LoteriaCervantes.com and the user, for the resolution of any dispute that may arise, submit expressly waiving their own jurisdiction or any other that, when appropriate could correspond, to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the city of Villena (Alicante-Spain).


Prizes Withdraw

Once each raffle has been held, we communicate the results and pay the prizes automatically to your user account if you are registered, with the available balance you can continue buying or withdrawing funds from the prize collection section of your account.

According to the new regulations, prizes over € 2,000 must be charged by the beneficiary in person at the paying banks, whether Spanish or foreign.

When the prizes are over € 40,000. there is a 20% withholding tax

When you make a request to collect prizes from your account, we will ask for your bank account number, if your account is from the EU we will not charge you any expenses. When the transfer is outside the EU the minimum amount to be discounted will be € 18.50.

Spanish National Lottery Draws

Thursday Lottery

This National Lottery draw takes place every Thursday throughout the year at 9pm, without exception. While in summer, taking advantage of the days get longer and that people do most vibrant nightlife, this act is postponed to 10.45pm. With regard to the extraction of the prizes, this is effected via the modern system of multiple drums. This means, for example, that each figure up the number known as "El Gordo" is drawn from a different drum, in which ten balls ranging from 0 to 9 are included.

Ordinary and extraordinary draws on Saturday

This National Lottery draw takes place every Saturday of the year at 1pm.
Drawings are generally performed by the modern system of multiple drums. This means, for example, that each figure up the number known as "El Gordo" is derived from a different drum in which ten balls ranging from 0 to 9 are included.

Christmas Lottery

Every December 22nd it begins around 8:30am and it usually lasts until 12:30pm. Two metal drums are used whose antiquity dates back to 1850. One drum contains all numbers ranging between 00000 and 99999 and the other one more than 1800 balls marked with the diferents prizes.

Lotería del Niño (Child´s Lottery)

Although traditionally this draw was held on January 5th, SELAE decided in 2001 to transfer it to January 6th at 12.00 noon.

Also, while until 1965 draws of "El Niño" held continuously for the old or traditional system, from next year they moved to the Modern or Multiple Drums system. This meant, for example, that every figure that made up the number known as "El Gordo", began to be drawn from a different drum, which were included ten balls ranging from 0 to 9.

Prizes in the National Lottery Draws

Thursday Lottery

Weekly, this shares prizes € 212,701  granted amounting to € 12,601,709.28.
The maximum amount a player can get involved in Thursday´s draw with a ticket is € 30,000, and the minimum payout is € 3, also known as reimbursement.

Ordinary and extraordinary draws Saturday

Weekly, this shares 358,411 prizes amounting to € 42,070,847.31.
The maximum amount you can get a player taking part in the draw on Saturday with a ticket of € 6 is € 60,000.00, and the minimum prize is € 6.

Christmas Lottery

SELAE print annually for Christmas Lottery, 160 series composed of 100,000 tickets each. Accordingly, as each ticket costs € 20 , SELAE is selling a total of €
This amount raised, the authority intended 70% to prizes , that is €

Child´s Lottery (Lotería del Niño)

SELAE issues, during the draw of El Niño, 45 series composed of 100,000 tickets each. Accordingly, as each ticket costs € 20 , SELAE is selling € 900 million.

This amount raised, the authority intended 70% to prizes, € 630.000.000630.000.000. And, specifically, the maximum you can get involved with a ticket of € 20 is € 200,000. and the minimum prize is € 20.

Our suscribed Lottery Numbers

 Currently we have permanently of the following numbers:


If you wish to subscribe any of them, please notify us through our contact formand we tell you how to do it.

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